Men's Waxing - Nose, Ear, and Eyebrow Services in San Antonio.

Are you feeling self-conscious about the facial hair on your nose, ears and eyebrows? Men’s waxing in San Antonio could be just what the doctor ordered! 

Waxing is a fast and efficient way to eliminate unwanted facial hair without having to deal with shaving or other methods that require regular upkeep – plus it gives skin that lasts weeks at a time! 

Whether you just need an occasional touch-up or want to keep up with regular maintenance appointments for smoother skin all year round, Salon Aurora & Barbershop provides numerous men’s waxing services at their San Antonio location.

Opening Hours

(Monday - Friday)

10 AM - 7 PM


9 AM - 6 PM


11 AM - 6 PM

“By far the best barber shop in SA. I have been to many, but Ben Avery is the best and hires the best stylists. They should be known for their attention to detail and friendliness. I’ve had a comfortable and worthwhile experience every time. Thanks guys.”

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